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Board Membership

For those that want more involvement in their child's soccer program or wish to help steer the future of rec. soccer in Edina, we invite you to apply for board membership. Parents and coaches are welcome to e-mail for more information or to submit a membership application. Board meetings are generally scheduled the first Monday of each month.


Edina Soccer Association Board of Directors 2018-2019



Henning von Klinggraeff


Rob Korman

Vice President

Dave Stauffer


Glenn Gray

Past-President 2017

Ziad Amra

Board Member

Enrique Barrera

Board Member

Margaret Buchanan

Board Member

Todd Demerit

Board Member

Brett Grendahl

Board Member

Laura Heinmiller

Board Member

Paul Herold

Board Member

Dave Kupiecki

Board Member

Angella McGarvey

Board Member

Alex Morton

Board Member

Dan Shand

Board Member

Matt Shumway

Board Member

Shane Stumm

Past-President 2016

Krista Gresham